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Build a Partnership with Parents Featured

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Build a Partnership with Parents: A Complete Guide to Parent Involvement & Home-School Communication (Release Date: March 3, 2014)



Consistent parent involvement dramatically increases the likelihood that students will be successful in school. Because parents are their children’s first and most important teachers and play such a crucial role in their academic, physical, social, and moral development, classroom educators need to build a strong home-school connection at the beginning of each school year. In this book National Board Certified elementary school teacher Steve Reifman shows you how to do this. Reifman presents a series of classroom-tested ideas, strategies, and activities that help fellow educators keep parents informed and involved in a variety of meaningful ways and establish partnerships based on mutual trust and respect. The book also includes a link to a free PDF with 10 printable resources.


* Learn 9 reasons why investing the time to build and maintain trusting relationships with parents is worth the effort.

* Discover 9 principles that should guide all your communications with parents.

* Begin the school year by making a terrific first impression with parents and establishing strong classroom leadership and credibility.
* Create powerful First Day Letters and Class Newsletters. 

* Learn more than a dozen ways to promote working together with parents.

* Discover how to help parents help their children at home.

* Make the most of Back to School Night, Open House, Parent Conferences, and Student-led Conferences.