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22 Habits that Empower Students Featured

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  • Presenting 9 “Habits of Mind” and 13 “Habits of Character” that promise to enrich your daily instruction and lead to better student learning and behavior. These 22 habits exemplify a “teaching the whole child” approach and address a variety of valuable academic thinking skills, work habits, social skills, and character traits. In this book National Board Certified elementary school teacher Steve Reifman defines each habit in user-friendly terms, describes how to introduce the habits to children, and explains how to foster student improvement with the habits through a series of classroom-tested ideas, strategies, and activities. In addition, Reifman details how Parent Conferences, Student-led Conferences, a morning movement warm-up routine, and discussions of inspirational quotes can all be used to further your efforts to develop enthusiastic, motivated students who work hard, work with purpose, and work well with others.

The book includes a link to a free PDF that contains:
*A printable list of the Habits of Mind and Habits of Character, along with definitions
*A complete set of signs and slides you can use to introduce the habits to children
*A user-friendly rubric that students can use to assess their progress with the habits
*A variety of options that students can use for self-evaluation and goal-setting
*Sample quotes you and your students can discuss to bring the habits to life
*All the printables you will need to implement Student-led Conferences that shine a spotlight on these habits